My name is Devin Noel and I’m an Information Technology professional who enjoys playing with heavy machinery. I’ve operated tractors and heavy equipment for a couple of decades. My wife Tera and I moved to a small ranch near Parker in 2013 where Tera could have a place for some animals and I could have a shop to tinker in and where I had an excuse to get a tractor. I’ve expanded from doing my own projects to helping others doing tractor work in the local community.

I live about 15 minutes east of Parker (near Singing Hills Rd.and Delbert Rd.) and prefer to keep travel-time under 30 minutes. In the London and Thunder Hill neighborhoods I usually don’t even put the tractor on a trailer and just drive over. I stay local because I enjoy tractor work, not hauling equipment all over. It also helps keeps your costs as low as possible.