Kubota L4060 tractor. 40hp and generally weighing under 5,000lbs with an implement on. It won’t harm septic leach fields. It has a state of the art fuel efficient and environmentally friendly tier 4 emissions compliant engine. I have some overkill LED lightbars to get the job done even in the dark


  • Front end loader
    • Moving dirt, rock, manure or other stuff in the bucket or on pallet forks
  • New Peruzzo flail mower/mulcher
    • Mows fields, grass & brush up to 2″ in diameter so I can take care of Yucca & trees up to about Christmas tree size
    • Gives an excellent cut quality with no clumps of material like a rotary cutter (“Brush hog”)
    • Safer than a rotary cutter & will not spit out errant rocks & material like a bullet which a rotary can occasionally
  • Retired backup flail mower
    • Good cut quality on reasonably good ground and grass, safer than rotary cutters
    • I kept a spare mower around as a backup when I retired it for the new one to minimize downtime if there are mechanical problems
  • Box blade
    • Grading, driveway maintenance, general material digging and movement including stall cleanup
  • Landplane grade scraper
    • Quickly smooths & levels ground, especially driveways
    • Faster & better results than a box or back blade with a smoother more level finish
  • Rototiller
    • Tilling up the ground for planting or smoothing
  • Post-hole Digger
    • 12″ diameter holes up to 4′ deep for posts or whatever (I can do other size holes with a little lead time as well if it’s a larger project)
  • Chain harrow
    • Spreading manure, covering grass seed and field or driveway or ground smoothing
  • Subsoiler
    • Breaking up hard-pan up about a foot and a half down as well as pulling wire or irrigation pipe into the ground
  • Snow plow
    • Plowing snow


  • 2005 F250 utility bed
  • 22′ 14,000lbs deckover power tilting deck trailer