Free estimates. Depending on the job and the unknowns involved I can give an estimate or a firm price bid on a job.

My going rate is $70/hr from the time I leave home to the time I complete the job. I limit my travel distances to keep transportation costs to a minimum. I generally just drive the tractor over for work in the London and Thunder Hill neighborhoods as it’s faster and cheaper than dealing with loading and unloading it.

I can generally mow about an acre an hour in smooth open field. Rough field, brush, yucca or obstacles slow things down a lot. Please reach out to me for an estimate or quote on your specific job or needs. I’m more than happy to work hourly assisting with projects that have a dynamic scope.

I’m always interested in hearing reasonable barter and trade offers, so no harm in asking.

Things I might be interested in include:

  • Alpacas & maybe a guard llama
  • Alpaca equipment and accessories (halters, supplements, watering trough, etc.)
  • Concrete work (have a PTO driven concrete mixer for my tractor)
  • Concrete pads poured around some frost free hydrants (one or 2 of them, about 4’x4′)
  • New apron in-front of my garage and shop
  • Chimney and installation for a gas and wood stove out in my shop
  • Bathroom fan replacement & minor plumbing stuff
  • Several dump truck loads of gravel or recycled asphalt for the driveway
  • Cool toys for my shop (lathe, mill, welding gear, good tools, etc.)
  • Tractor implements (working, fixable, or good yard art)
  • Propane tank (300-1000 gallon in good with a recent certification date & no rust)
  • Golf cart, ATV or UTV
  • Firearms and ammo
  • IBC totes (palatalized liquid containers, with or without the bladder)
  • Anvil, forge, furnace or any smithy type stuff
  • Ham radio stuff
  • 4 door commuter car that gets good mileage